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the unique travel experience

creativity and invention

Warja Borges´ inventiveness skills combined with her knowledge of engineering constrains in the aircraft allows here to extend the limits. With more than 20 years of experience the creative mind behind UNIQUE AIRCRAFT feels at home in the aircraft, knowing every detail – and thinking beyond the customary methods of interior design.
“I want to show my clients that with an open mind and profound expertise you can create a personal feeling of comfort, relaxation and being at home.”
Warja Borges does have the capability to listen to her clients and offer design that is creative, original but fit the customer request, and to work hand in hand with the team of the completion center.
Despite all the rules and regulations, the requirements of safety and functionality, Warja Borges proves that every aircraft can have its individual character and reflect personal taste and style. There are limits – but with passion and creativity, you can push the envelope to create a Unique travel experience above the clouds.



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